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Amazing Graphics
21st-Aug-2010 05:12 pm - 002. Promotion Contest!
baby; joshua
Firstly, let me say a massive WELCOME!!
As you guys can probably tell this community is still being developed at the moment.

I'm holding a promotion contest.

1st Prize is 20 pixel to blinkies & 10 gallery Blinkies.
2nd Prize is 10 pixel to blinkies & 5 gallery Blinkies.
3rd Prize is 5 pixel to blinkies & 5 gallery Blinkies.

If you participate, you will automatically get 1 gallery blinkie & 1 pixel to blinkie.

Comments will be screened, but please get the person you refer to comment here telling me you reffered them.
This will be open until the 4th of September depending on how many entries we get!

20th-Aug-2010 08:09 pm - 001. Members only!
baby; joshua

Currently : Open Membership!

**I must state that this community is still in it's very early set up, so please bare with me while it gets set up.**
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